Regional Pumping & Irrigation was established in 2017 to service a growing need for fast, efficient and expert irrigation and pumping services throughout the regions of Bathurst, Orange and Lithgow.

Water Valves

We supply a complete range of irrigation valves, valve boxes and regulators to suit your specific application. We have ball valves, check or non-return valves, butterfly valves, foot valves, integrated valves with filters and associated tees, elbows and fittings. Give us a call and we can come to you where you can buy a new valve, replace an existing valve or we can help integrate one into your existing irrigation system. Whether you live in town or on a property, we can supply what you need.

Phone Number: (02) 5355 0297

Tom: 0457 671 622

Jarred: 0438 857 885


Address: 2 Hampden Park Road, Kelso NSW 2795


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